Maken-ki! (マケン姫っ! Makenki!) is a Japanese manga series by Hiromitsu Takeda. It was published by Fujimi Shobo‘s magazine Dragon Age Pure, and later Monthly Dragon Age, after the former magazine ceased publishing. It has been adapted into an anime series by AIC that aired on AT-X in the fall of 2011. It is licensed in North America by Funimation as the title Maken-Ki! Battling Venus.[4] Two OVA episodes animated by AIC and Xebec were released from 2012 to 2013. It bundled with the 8th and 11th volumes of the manga respectively. A second season, titled Maken-Ki! Two (マケン姫っ!通 Makenki! Tsū), was animated by Xebec and aired in 2014.

Takeru Ohyama has enrolled at Tenbi Academy, a private prep high school that converted from all-girls to co-ed. Hoping to have a life full of ogling pretty girls, he reunites with childhood friend Haruko Amaya, who shows him around school. However, he learns that the school is for students who possess magical and spiritual energies called Elements and who wield crafted weapons known as Makens. The students engage in school sanctioned combat matches that showcase their powers. While his own ability and Maken is not apparent at first, Takeru soon finds himself surrounded by girls, including Inaho Kushiya, an attractive girl who says she’s his fiancée, and Kodama Himegami, a popular blonde who says she wants to kill him. He joins the Security Committee (魔導検警機構 madō kenkei kikō, lit. “anti-evil organization”), also known as Maken-ki, which supports the student council’s operations.


Takeru Ōyama

Takeru Ōyama (大山 タケル Ōyama Takeru) is the protagonist of Maken-ki! At the beginning of the series, he is a first-year high school student who enrolls at Tenbi Academy after having attended an all-boys middle school. His childhood friend, Haruko Amaya, who trained with him at his family’s dojo attends the school as does Inaho Kushiya, who says that she is his fiancée. He ends up sharing his room with the two girls, as well as Kodama Himegami.

Several years before the present, when Takeru was ten years old, his family dojo was challenged by Tesshin Kushiya. His mother, Atsuma, was killed by Tesshin before his eyes. Takeru has resented his father and uncle for not being around to protect them.[ch. 7] As a result, he tends to take the girl’s side whenever a girl fights a guy; indicating he has intense white knight syndrome. His abilities originally manifest under extreme stress as in the case where he protected Azuki.[ch. 3] When he defended Kodama, he used Blood Pointer,[ch. 5] which was later described as absorbing Element from the people around him through his mouth.[ch. 23] Following the battle with the Venus unit, he underwent extra training with Minori in order to try to control and to increase his powers.[ch. 2829] Takeru later learned that he is blood related to Kodama’s brother.[ch. 53]

Takeru was one of the three students that Gen’s Element Detector, Keronbo, could not initially identify, but a month later, he was given his Maken, Overblow, which causes his target’s Maken to overflow with Element and be rendered useless “like a car engine that blows out”. However, if the opponent has an evolved Maken and can perfectly control or contain the surge, it can have the opposite effect and empower the opponent.[ch. 19]

Takeru is voiced by Tomoaki Maeno,[6] and English dubbed by Ian Sinclair.[7]

Haruko Amaya

Haruko Amaya (天谷 春恋 Amaya Haruko) is a second-year student who is the student body vice-president, and the head of one of the dorms.[ch. 1] She is a childhood friend of Takeru Ōyama, whom she trained with at his family’s dojo, and for whom she harbors romantic feelings but is unwilling to admit it.[ch. 1,12] After learning that Kodama and Inaho are moving into Takeru’s room, she decides to move in as well. She is very jealous of the attention that Takeru gives the other girls and beats Takeru almost by reflex whenever he does anything even remotely perverted.[ch. 1] Haruko is well-endowed[ch. 4] and Kodama considers her to be the strongest maiden at Tenbi Academy.[ch. 5] Haruko’s Maken, Murakumo (lit. Gathering Clouds), is a sword that is suspected to be one of the original Eight legendary Maken.[ch. 6] Murakumo cannot be unsheathed unless Haruko has strong feelings and fights an opponent with comparable power. Haruko unleashed a little of Murakumo’s power when she fought a student named Amio.[ch. 6] In her battle with Demitra, she unsheathed it to reveal a blade surrounded with light. Haruko can use it to make incredibly large slices that destroy barriers, but is able to control it well enough that she can spare the life of someone in the sword’s path.[ch. 20]

Haruko is voiced by Noriko Shitaya,[6] and English dubbed by Monica Rial.[7]

Kodama Himegami

Kodama Himegami (姫神 コダマ Himegami Kodama) is a petite blonde-haired second-year student who is part of the kenkeibi (later Maken-ki) club which officiates the duels at school.[ch. 14] Her ability is to command shikigami: doll-sized spirits who follow her around and call her “ojou-sama”, and who possess powers such as picking up people, and shooting fire or lightning.[ch. 1,2,5] She regularly steps on the boys for their annoying and lecherous antics.[ch. 2,5] She initially sees Takeru as a potential enemy who stole her first kiss, but rooms with him after noticing that he bears a special mark on his chest, and has a scent is similar to that of her brother’s.[ch. 1] She develops feelings for Takeru, although not like the other girls as when she was asked whom she likes, she responded that she loved someone long ago.[ch. 5][ch. 12] Her hobbies include shopping, especially for lingerie and rare stuffed animals.[ch. 5] When on night patrol, she was attracted to a rare King Penguin stuffed animal, and was captured by the Finnian twins of Venus.[ch. 14][note 1] She later shows a fear of ghosts and spirits outside her own magic;[ch. 30,31] in one instance she is frightened by a ghost story that Haruto Kirishima admits that he had embellished.[ch. 34]

Kodama later reveals that she has extraordinary abilities. In the battle with Venus, Kodama uses her Maken to summon larger spirits that are as powerful as the legendary Eight Maken,[ch. 23] and are comparable in strength to Minerva or Minori.[ch. 24] The Kamigari are highly interested in her as a key to unleashing the power in Amanohara. The Venus unit kidnaps her, and later on, Ouken has the Kamigari try to capture her on the summer training island. It is revealed that Kodama is the daughter of Yatsune, the former Yamata no Orochi,[ch. 49][ch. 49,50] and that her servants are actually Yatsune’s incarnations; each of which had been able to manifest one of the original Eight Maken. Kodama inherited her mother’s powers but was sealed away on top on Mount Amanohara.[ch. 51–53]. Many years later, after her seal was weakened by Minori, Kodama used her element to manifest an incarnation of herself.[ch. 53] She later realizes that Takeru Ōyama is a descendant of her brother.[ch. 53]

Kodama is voiced by Sayuri Yahagi[6] and is English dubbed by Cassandra Lee Morris[7][8] in the first season and by Elizabeth Maxwell in the second season.[9]

Inaho Kushiya

Inaho Kushiya (櫛八 イナホ Kushiya Inaho) is the self-proclaimed fiancée of Takeru Ōyama.[ch. 1] She feels strongly for Takeru, and although he does not remember her much, she has decided to wait until he fully does.[ch. 12] She holds Takeru’s father in high regard. Upon revealing this, Takeru gets upset and ignores her, which causes her to cry. Takeru later apologizes to her after Kengo confronts him.[ch. 7] However, in the anime, she cries after Takeru tells her that he cannot remember a childhood promise. At first, Inaho was one of the three students that the Element detector, Keronbo, could not measure. However, she manifests her Maken when she saves Takeru and a cat from a falling boulder. She names the cat Monji and usually wears it on her head. Her Maken, Kamudo, is a gauntlet that greatly increases her strength and speed.[ch. 7] She is the star of the bonus four panel series of Maken-Ki comics where she is presented in super deformed mode. She is voiced by Iori Nomizu in the anime series,[6] and English dubbed by Tia Ballard.[7]

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